Airbeat 10 Portable Personal Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker from Airbeat 10 is as described on the product description page. It came in a hard shell plastic case. The case contained the portable Airbeat speaker, USB charging cable, audio cable, suction cup, bike mount (stroller mount) and users manual. The instructions were stapled in the middle of all these loose pages. I just took off the first few pages of English and recycled the rest. This little speaker is easy to use with only 4 selections all on the same side of the speaker. There is an on/off button, pause, forward/ volume up and previous/volume down . Long touch on volume buttons to advance to next or previous song on play list. There is a Blue colored Bluetooth indicator light and a red charging light that goes off when fully charged. I charged mine directly to my computer using the provided USB cable. This portable Airbeat has a 6 hour battery life with each charge.

The Bluetooth connected easily to my iPhone as well as my iPad. When first turning it on the volume is set on low which I like. When you turn the volume up it beeps once when it has reached the maximum volume. You are able to answer calls from you phone by pushing the multitask button and even use it as a speakerphone. It is splash proof for use around water, on the pontoon or at the beach. Great suction cup, I stuck mine to the front of my computer tower with ease. I did wet it and kind of twisted it when suctioning to insure adequate stability. This is a wonderful size speaker to use where the volume doesn’t need to be up loud. It wouldn’t work with a large loud crowd or at a party. I love that it is compact, Bluetooth, rechargeable and has great sound.

I plan on gifting this to my new granddaughter who is 11 DAYS old today. I want to instill music in her at a young age. Her new Daddy listened to music since the day he came home from the hospital. Great for establishing routine and calming babies. I think the bike mount that came with this will work on her stroller. Baby and Mommy walks her around our lake community for exercise, relaxation and fresh air. Of course I live on the same lake and plan to grove too as I stroll with them. This would make a wonderful gift for any music lover. I was provided this speaker for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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