Wayfared Sports Polarized Sunglasses


The Wayfarer Sports Polarized Sunglasses by Hulislem are as described on the product description page. I chose the smoke ones. They arrived in a nice hard shelled zippered case. The case contained the sunglasses, a nice cleaning cloth, extra nose pads and a mesh drawstring bag for storage. We live on a lake and enjoy all that the lake has to offer in all seasons. Seems like when we have company and want to go on a boat ride, someone is needing glasses. Of course I kept these for my own personal use and loaned our company an older pair to wear. I love all of the protection from the harmful rays from these lenses. Protections from UVA, UVB, UVC, and Blue Rays. Pretty much covered everything. I take great care of my sunglasses and always store them as I should. I like that the lenses have cutouts to allow for needed ventilation and no fogging up while wearing them. I also like how lightweight the sun glasses are. These would be great for any athlete or water sports lover. I received these at a discount for my honest review.

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