Lights, Mist, Action from the 300 ml Diffuser/Humidifier by Innogear

The 300 ml diffuser by Innogear is as described on the product description page. This came nicely protected inside a box which contained the diffuser, power cord, printed instructions with illustrations and 100ml measuring cup. It diffuses for a long time. It diffuses 10 hours on low and 6 hours on high. There is a auto shut off when the water level gets low. Very easy to use as there are only 2 buttons. One button controls the LED lights and the other controls the mist. Lights can be on high or low light level, remain on one favorite color or change every few minutes if that is what you desire. You also can turn the lights off during daytime diffusing. The other button, the mist button controls the time the mist diffuses. It has 1, 3, 6 and on continuous until auto shut off. The long and short press of the mist button controls the high or low mist. I like the outside color of this unit from Innogear. It is a light oak color. There lights show around the center and on the top of the unit. This would be a nice gift for a person that likes to diffuse oils. It is very easy to use. I received this diffuser/humidifier by Innogear for free in exchange for my review.

Available on Amazon

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