1500 Supreme Collection polyester sheet set by Sweet Home Collections with 4 pillowcases.

The Queen Sheet Set from Home Collections is as described on the product description page. These came nicely packaged inside a plastic zippered container. I immediately unpackaged them and placed in the wash. These are 100% polyester sheets. Not the polyester from the 70’s leisure suits, but a polyester that feels like cotton with the benefit of being a manmade fiber. The sheets came out of the dryer looking nice, fresh and wrinkle free. I love that this is a 6 PIECE set. There are 4 pillow cases with this set. The top sheet is flat and the bottom is fitted with ample elastic. These are single stitched and have an overcast edge on them. The stitching seems to be straight and edges locked. I like the softness from these polyester sheets. Not exactly Egyptian cotton but they have a nice feel. I have not had them long enough to see if the peel. Ya know, get those little bumps after repeated washings and wear typical of the strong filament fiber. I don’t think I would use these in the summer. Polyester is a thermoplastic man made fabric and tends to absorb heat. These are going to be my Winter Sheets where the warmth is welcomed. These are packaged nice and would make a nice present for anyone. Who doesn’t love bedtime. I received this 6 PIECE set at a discount for my honest review.

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