Baltic Amber Necklace by Baltic Essentials

The Baltic Amber bead necklace as described on the product description page. This not only is good for the baby to wear when teething or when ill, it is adorable with the 3 flowers made with Baltic amber too. The strands of beads are tied individually in case of breakage. You won’t have hundreds of Baltic amber beads on the ground, just one. This is basically black with an almost clear and brown Baltic amber flower pedal. I have always heard that the lighter the color the more benefit from the Baltic amber. It contains succinic acid that is absorbed through the skin when worn. NEVER leave baby alone when she is wearing this Baltic amber necklace. It is easily removable for naps and bed time. I love holistic healing and it sure can’t hurt to use these when your little girl teethes or has an ear or throat issue. This is being gifted to my new granddaughter who was born 5 days ago. I’m sure she will look stunning and reap the benefits from the Baltic amber. This would make a lovely gift for a baby girl. I received this at a discount for my honest review.


Available o Amazon

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