Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizing Bags From CherryTree

The Bamboo Charcoal Bags from CherryTree are as described on the product description page. When I first smelled these they had a horrible stench to them. I put both of them in a closed spare bedroom where I store my vacuum. That room was beginning to smell because of the vacuum contents. I vacuum lots of dog hair and the room smelled like stinky dog. I know it is time to get a new bag, but I also wanted to get rid of the smell in the room. These bags did it overnight. I had both of them in the room overnight and I can honestly say the room no longer stinks. These bags have a grommet where you are able to hang them. I am going to install one in my laundry room and keep the other in the guest bedroom. What is really cool about these bamboo charcoal bags is that you can recharge them in the sun. Just set them in the sun when you think they are not working as well as you think they should. After 2 years of use, these are biodegradable and you can put them in your potted plants or in the garden. These really do remove stinky smells. You can put them in a room, hang them in a closet or insert them in shoes or boots to remove the smells, not mask them. I received this pair of Bamboo Charcoal bags at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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