34 Ounce French Press by Colorful Brew

The Colorful Brew classic French Press coffee pot is as described on the product description page. I LOVE coffee. The stronger the better. I do limit myself to one cup of coffee in the morning and another cup after dinner. I have several various sizes of French coffee presses. I have a 1 cup and a 4 cup size. I love the size of this pot. It holds a whopping 4 cups liquid and room for coffee. This size will be great for company. I can make refrigerated French press coffee for ice coffee or for a quick 4-5 minute hot brew for a crowd. I love to make my coffee as fresh as I can. This is not the prettiest pot, but it gets the job done. The top lid and handle are plastic and the metal filter is stainless steel. The container is permanently fixed to the glass pot. This would make a wonderful present alone or in a basket with some coffee supplies. French Press coffee sounds so hard but it is actually super easy to make. Cleanup is a breeze too, just dump the grounds in the trash or compost and rinse out the carafe and filter. I received this French Press from Colorful Brew at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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