Ocean Wave Projector with Built In Audio

The Undersea Night Mood Projector by Deneve is as described on the description page. There is one discrepancy with the product description. The description says the machine works with 3 AAA batteries for on the go. That is incorrect. This unit actually uses 4 AAAA batteries for on the go when you don’t have access to electricity. The unit comes nicely boxed with a the unit itself, a power cord, and a USB adapter. This unit has the capabilities of playing music from play list from my iPod, iPad, iPhone as well as android devices and probably cd players that had the compatible audio port. I did all my audio testing with my Apple products. This ocean wave has a built in speaker with loudness controls on the light. I actually hooked up my iPad to the projector to play music for the demonstration video. I love all of the wave looks that are displayed on the walls and ceiling of the room. I also love the 12 led colors. You are able to choose your favorite for the mood. I actually got this for my new granddaughter that is due in a few weeks. We always had a routine for naptime and bedtime from a very early age. That routine always included music. The lights on this Undersea Night Mood Projector are an extra bonus from when my adult children were little. I like the calm colors of blue and green on this projector. A few of the modes could actually stimulate the right person. I am sure you will find your favorite mode. I received this projector at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon


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