Multi-pack of 6 assorted oils by Plant Guru


The multi-pack of 6 assorted oils by Plant Guru are as described on the description page. These arrived in a plain cardboard box, with 6 bottles inside a bubble wrap sealed sack. Not a very pretty presentation for such nice oils. I love that this set of oils from Plant Guru are 100% essential and contain the following:
Lavender Peppermint
Eucalyptus Tea Tree
Rosemary Sweet Orange
Each small bottle of oil is in a dark apothecary colored bottle, tightly sealed, contains 5ml of oil and has uses for each oil printed on the bottle. These are great alone, mixed with other oils, mixed with water as a multipurpose cleaner, used with a carrier oil for massages, diffuser necklaces, used in soaps, moisturizers, candles, and in a cool mist diffuser. These would make a thoughtful gift for the novice or the experienced essential oil lover. I wish they were in a prettier box for gift giving. I received this set of 6 assorted oils at a discount for my honest review.

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