Watermelon Corer and Server by Depot Globe

The Watermelon Corer and Server by Depot Globe is as described on the description page. This kitchen utensil didn’t come with any directions, so I went on YouTube to find an instructional video on how this kitchen gadget worked. You can achieve even slices for serving right out of the watermelon melon rind for an easy to clean, no dishes picnic or out door snack. You can also use the cutter to cut both directions, remove and cut by hand for smaller chunks used in salads. It does require quite a bit of storage area unless you have hanging kitchen utensils. Mine all go in a large kitchen drawer. So I’m saying it will come in so handy for slicing and serving watermelon, except for the storage of it. It isn’t sharp but you know the texture of watermelon is not very dense You can cut a watermelon flesh with any type of knife, but this actually will cut through bottom of the melon near the rind. Melons are out of season right now and doesn’t make if economically feasible to purchase an overpriced watermelon. I did try it on a cantaloupe and it didn’t even begin to slice through it. I know this will receive a lot of use and attention this summer when watermelons are abundant and outdoor dinner, picnics, graduations, 4th of July and any celebration that warrants watermelon. I received this for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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