Pool Skimmer by Sharkblu

The Pool Skimmer by Sharkblu is as describe on the product description page. It measures 12” x 18”, has a fine netting and two plastic attachment clips for the extendable pole. I plan on using mine two different ways. First I mainly plan on using it to remove debris from my antique metal bathtub that I have in my yard. I put water plants in it during the summer with a fountain. We also live on a lake and sometimes during storms a lot of debris will float into our cove. Things like crass clippings, leaves, water bottles, pool float toys, etc. If it floats it ends up in the cove. This will be great to clean the unwanted stuff from our cove. This pool skimmer doesn’t fit the pole I was going to use with it for the lake. I will have to get a different pole or have my husband rig one up for me. It will work great for the bathtub fountain where I don’t need an extension. I like the size and the net seems durable for my daily fountain cleaning. I worked years at pools and have lots of experience with using this type of skimmer. If you have a pool, pond or any type of water fountain, this skimmer is a must have to keep them in tip top shape. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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