Photo Album from Happy Home Essentials

The Photo album from Happy Home Essentials is as described on the description page. The album has a place on the front cover where you can place a picture depicting what the album contains. For example, vacation photo, picture of bride and groom, picture of person, etc. I had a photo album for each of my children as they were growing up. This is a great size album with a nice denim like fabric covering. The binding resembles a book on the outside, so it would look nice on a book shelf. Each page is sewn to the binding just like a book. The album holds 200 pictures that are 4 x 6 inch photos in size. Each page holds 2 photos and has a place on the side with 8 lines to write names or memo of the particular photo. I love that the inserts are photo safe, free of acid, free of PVC and Lignin. This is a wonderful looking album that would look great with any décor. I received this photo album at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon


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