“Secret” for awesome skin and hair

The Sweet Almond Oil from Pure Body Naturals is as described on the description page. It arrived nicely sealed and inside a plastic bag. It also came with an extra convenient flip top lid, if that is what you prefer. I prefer this type of a lid, a flip top with a small hole for convenient dispensing. It is in a large 16 ounce bottle and doesn’t have any fragrance to it. The Sweet Almond Oil is 100% pure, cold processed and therapeutic grade. It is also bottled in the USA. Sweet almond oil is great for many uses. It’s one of the best oils and works wonders on skin and hair. It is a “secret” for good skin and hair by the users where almond oil originates in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It not only hydrates your hair and skin, it’s good as a make up remover, it’s anti-inflammatory so it’s good for dark circles and puffiness, it’s a great carrier oil for other added essential oils and it’s a wonderful massage oil. It is the wonder of oils. So many practical uses for sweet almond oil. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

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