Texas Knows BBQ

The Western Style Barbecue Seasoning from Adkins is as described on the description page. The powdered rub is great for smoking, bbq, baking or broiling beef, pork and poultry. I love that it is all natural and doesn’t contain MSG and is also gluten free. This 16 ounce rub came in a cellophane package that will need to be stored in your own container after opening. The seasonings are as follows for this rub. It contains sugar, salt, paprika, chili pepper, celery, garlic and comino in that order on the label. It is a wonderful seasoning. My husband is in charge of smoking and grilling our meats and he is always excited to try different rubs, marinades and seasonings. This seasoning/rub got his approval and mine too. The Adkins brand has been around since 1967 and is located in Texas. If you love flavor with your food, you need to give this a try. I received this seasoning for free in exchange for my honest review.

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