Gaoya Adhesive Hooks by GarBath with 3M VHB Adhesive

The Gaoya Adhesive Hooks by GarBath is as described on the description page. The double hook arrived nicely packed in a box that contained the written instructions. It is a white plastic double hook that can be attached almost anywhere. It has the strong 3M VHB adhesive to permanently attach. We are in the process of remodeling out master bathroom and I wanted something with hooks to hang our bath loofahs from. I am sure this will work great for that. I think it will be strong enough to hang a bath brush too. I currently I have them hanging with the little plastic suction cups with metal hooks and they fall off the wall every couple of weeks. I am sure this will do the trick. I went to website to check out other item, but it was all in Chinese. This hook appears well constructed, durable and strong. I know the 3M VHB adhesive is strong. I have used with other devices. I plan on ordering other organization mounts made by GarBath soon. If you are remodeling or looking for adhesive organizational mounts check out the product. I received this Gaoya adhesive hook for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available on Amazon


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