Rosewood Mala

The Mala meditation beads are as described on the description page. There are the typical 108 beads made from rosewood on this Mala. There is a crown like Guru and also a tassel. This Mala is treaded on a thick elastic thread. It is divided into 4 sections with two blue and a yellow bead every 27 beads. I’m not sure if these are earth stones or plastic. All 4 sections total 108 beads. The 108 total beads are very meaningful in the world of meditation. Malas are mysterious and magical. They have been used for thousands of years by spiritual seekers. A Mala is used to count mantras. When used during meditation and yoga, you simply take each individual bead in your fingers and recite your individual mantra. You then move to the next bead and do this over and over as you progress around the strand of beads on the Mala until you reach the Guru. This Mala can be used on the mat while meditating and then worn as a necklace or bracelet to remind you of your mantra throughout the day. They help you focus on what is important to you and align your intentions. These mala beads are more than a fashion accessory or piece of jewelry. The Mala beads can be worn to remind you stop, pause, breath and realign with what is really important as you proceed throughout your day. This Mala came with its own cloth bag and storage box. You should treat you Mala well, as it absorbs energy. Malas can be cleaned by placing the Mala in the sunlight or moonlight. They can also be cleaned with vibration. This Mala would make a wonderful gift for someone that meditates or is just beginning yoga. If meditation and yoga are not for you, you could just wear this to remind you to relax and be thankful and focus on the path your are trying to achieve. This is a basic Mala, without the expensive gemstone Guru. It serves the purpose of maintaining focus during meditation. I received this Mala for free in exchange for my honest review.

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