Gutens Replacement Water Filters for the Keurig 2.0 Machine

The Water Filter replacements pods by Gutens are as described on the description page. There are 9 water filters in this box of charcoal filters. This is suppose to be enough filters to last a year. Mine will last much longer for my Keurig, as I make 2 cups of coffee a day and more on weekends when my husband is having his coffee at home. These fit great in the Keurig 2.0 water tanks. The hardest part with changing the filters is twisting the plastic filter holder off of the Keurig water tank. I had to look on YouTube the last time I had my husband change our filter. Why spend the extra money on the name brand filters when you can use the charcoal filters by Gutens. These really do make your beverage of choice taste better while filtering out the chlorine in the water. I was talking to my Father today about changing his Keurig filter in his tank and he was telling me that he doesn’t use them. I told him how much better the filtered water is with the coffee. I also told him I always fill up my water tank with filtered water from the refrigerator too. He replied with that is what is wrong with people now days. He said he drank water from a well and is 80 years old. I told him that well water and even the percolated coffee tasted like it was brewed in a boot. Coffee is only as good as the water you use to brew it with. If you love great tasting coffee and tea I recommend these water filters by Gutens. I received this box of disposable charcoal filters for free in exchange for my honest review.

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