Crib Sheets: Bamboo?? Not according to the label


Crib bamboo sheet are NOT exactly as described on the description page. These crib sheets have a product label that says they are 100% Rayon from cotton and bamboo. That is a BLEND of fibers, not 100% Bamboo. Rayon is a man-made filament fiber. Rayon is a strong fiber that resembles silk. Rayon also pills or get the little nubbins on the fabric after many washings. That happens because the Rayon fibers are strong, and when agitated during cleaning, they don’t break off like natural fibers. I have not washed enough to review the actual pilling. These crib sheets are super soft and see through. They have adorable pictures on the fabric that were drawn by kids.
Bamboo is a great fiber, know for its strength and softness. However, bamboo fiber can’t be bleached or have fabric softener added to it. This is not on the care tag, therefore adding to my apprehension that these are bamboo. They are a bamboo blend. The label is required to be on the product, so I am going off of the label information. I love the pattern, total bottom elastic and the softness from these crib sheets. I received these at a discount for my honest review.

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