6 Spice Tower Magazine With Adjustable Grinder

The spice magazine is as described on the product description page. There are 6 interlocking jars that whole spices can be added to and ground as needed during food preparation or at the table. It has a grinder with a lid, brushed stainless steel and plastic window/screw on top. I put some of my favorite used spices in this nice spice magazine. It is a bit tricky to unscrew the spice jar, change it and get it back on the tower magazine correctly. I do love having some of my favorite grinding spices so neatly arranged and ready to grind with the attached magazine grinder. No going over to the big grinder for just a little needed spice. Adjustable grinder too, but I didn’t see much difference when I turned it. Great for small amounts, hard to get the threads correctly positioned. I’m a retired Home Economics teacher and have all the time in the world to use this grinder and get it positioned correctly. My husband would not be so patient and would probably spill expensive, whole spices all over the floor. He will have to stick with the sealed grinder, which I provide for him when he grills or uses his cold/hot smoker. I think this spice magazine is pretty, elegant, useful and practical for someone that is patient. I love that it takes up less space on my counter and is great for small amounts of needed fresh ground spices. I like that it can also be shortened to just use one specific spice, for individuals seated at the table. I received this spice tower magazine at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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