VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones

The Bluetooth Sports Headset with microphone by VicTsing are as described on the product description page. They arrived nicely boxed the Sport headphones, a USB charging cable and extra ear tips and hooks. These were a little difficult for me to find the on off button and the volume button toggle. Super easy to pair with both my iPhone as well as my iPad. The volume only goes so loud before you hear a beep, probably regulated so we don’t do any damage to our ears from listening too loud. When I walked down the hall into a close room, I was still connected. When I proceeded down the hall further into another room, my coverage kind of went out for a second until I moved about in the room. When I totally lost connection, it automatically came back on when I was closer to my phone. These sports headphones have voice command when you turn it off and on and beeps too. They are extremely lightweight and will be perfect for exercise. I really don’t talk on the phone with earphones but have that option if I want. Everything is located on the right earpiece except the little USB charging port with is on the left side of this sport headset. You can answer and talk while wearing these. These are so lightweight and comfortable that you will forget you are wearing them. They are handy to grab as I am going out the door for my walks. I was provided a free sample of VicTsing Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones for testing and review and was asked only to give my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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