The “True” Ceylon Cinnamon by Herb Affair


The Organic Ceylon Cinnamon by Herb Affair is as described on the description page. There is really not much information on the product label. The label contains the manufacturers name, phone, address, the name of the spice as well as it’s Latin name, and a seal stating it is All natural and organic. There isn’t a place of origin listed on the package. Ceylon Cinnamon usually comes from Sir Lanka. This one pound package of powdered Ceylon cinnamon arrived in a resealable bag. I plan to take out enough for a few weeks and vacuum seal the rest for storage. It can should be stored in a dry, dark place like a pantry.

There are basically 4 main types of cinnamon. They are Ceylon, Cassia, Saigon and Korintje. The type dish you are preparing will dictate the appropriate variety of cinnamon for the dish you are preparing. Ceylon is mild and sweet, making it good for desserts. Ceylon cinnamon is known as the “True” cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is lighter in color and milder in flavor compared to Cassia cinnamon. It also has LOW coumarin levels. Coumarin is a blood thinner, so some people steer clear of the cinnamons that contain it.

I use cinnamon in my coffee, oatmeal, desserts, smoothies, sprinkled on fruit and with all sorts of other baking practices. Besides the obvious culinary uses of cinnamon, there are many health benefits associated with consumption of cinnamon. Humans have been consuming delicious cinnamon for centuries. You will love this mild, but sweet flavor from this Organic Ceylon Cinnamon by Herb Affair. I received this package of cinnamon at a discount for my honest review.

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