Raw Cognac Cherry Baltic Amber Necklace from Baltic Essentials

The Raw Cognac Cherry Baltic Amber necklace from Baltic Essentials is as described on the description page. This Baltic Amber measures 12 inches long and has a screw clasp, which is a good type of clasp. Baltic Amber necklaces do not fit over your head but have a clasp to put on and take off. The colors in this Baltic Amber necklace are brown and almost a black colored. They are placed every other one on the necklace. They start out small by the clasp and gradually get bigger toward the middle of the necklace. The thread is knotted between each bead for securing the beads if the stand ever breaks. It comes in a muslin drawstring bag with an authenticity guarantee. I love that this is a raw Baltic Amber. A rule of thumb is to purchase light and raw for the most benefit from the succinic acid.

Baltic Amber is a fossil resin formed millions of years ago from different pine trees. The colors of Baltic Amber can range from a light honey colored Baltic amber to a very dark brown. Sometimes it can even be blue or red. I have heard that the lighter colors are better for holistic therapy, but have given several varieties to the babies to wear and I believe they all work to ease their pain when wearing. The Baltic Amber works by releasing succinic acid when worn next to the skin. The Baltic Amber jewelry is suppose to be worn as a necklace, bracelet or wrapped ankle bracelet. When worn next to the skin the Baltic Amber is warmed and releases the succinic acid where it then is absorbed and travels though the blood stream to balances what needs to be balanced. They have the strongest benefits when worn close to the area that needs healing. Teething and ear pain would be worn as a necklace, growing leg aches worn as an ankle bracelet. Even though this is sold as a teething necklace they are NEVER to be chewed on by the baby. It is made to wear and never to mouth, gum or chew.

I love being able to give these necklaces to my grandbabies to wear while they are teething and going through growth spurts. It sure can’t hurt. The necklace needs to remove when they are sleeping or unattended. This would be a wonderful gift for anyone expecting a new baby or for parents of babies/toddlers. I received this Baltic Amber teething necklace by Baltic Essentials at a discount for my honest review.

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