DBPower Supercharger


The duel purpose power strip is as described on the description page. This is the first strip that I have used that has USB charging ports too. There are 6 electrical outlets on the strip as well as 6 USB ports. I love that I can charge all of my electronics and have other things also plugged in to the electrical ports too. There is an on/off button for those of you that don’t want to waist that ghost electricity when the items on the electrical strip are not actually being used. I love the long 4 foot cord on this electrical strip. I also like that there is a velco strip on the cord to bundle extra cord if you don’t need all 4 feet and keep it tidy. This is ONLY an electrical power dual purpose bar. It is NOT a surge protector. I really like all of the capabilities this power bar has. I like all of the options I have with it. I dislike that this electric power strip doesn’t contain the UL seal of approval symbol by Underwriters Laboratory. You know, that small circle with the letters UL in the middle on most electrical appliances. That seal is there because the product underwent extensive safety testing to earn the seal of approval. That UL symbol gives consumers confidence that the appliance they purchased and are using is safe. This duel feature power strip is made in China and they must have different safety standards. I just don’t want my house to go up in flames from using this strip. So far this week I have been checking it to make sure it doesn’t get hot. It has passed my test. If you travel on a lot this strip sure would come in mighty handy in hotel rooms. You could have all of your devices charging in one place and not leave any chargers in the room when you pack up and check out of the hotel. Great for the traveler, student, dorm room or busy family with multiple electronics that can be charged in one central location. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

Available on Amazon

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