THUNDERBOLT Whole Bean Coffee by Koffee Kult


The Arabica Roasted Beans by Koffee Kult are as described on the description page. This brand of French roasted coffee beans are Columbian whole beans. They are packed for freshness. This Koffee Kult whole bean coffee is roasted in Hollywood, Florida. I love the smell of coffee. I love to drink hot fresh brewed coffee, French press coffee, cold pressed coffee, pour over coffee and coffee from my Keurig machine. I also enjoy dark chocolate roasted coffee beans and coffee body scrubs. I guess I am addicted to coffee. Great bold flavor from this roasted coffee. I purchase the whole bean and like to freshly grind the coffee everyday for that days consumption. In the video I said I added a tablespoon to my Keurig reusable filter, but I should have said I added a scoop or about 1 ½ tablespoon of the fresh ground Koffee Kult coffee. Sorry about that. I only had one take on the video this morning, take two wouldn’t have occurred until 24 hours later at the next coffee session. I love the whole ritual of my coffee mornings from grinding the fresh beans, measuring it, smelling it brew and then relaxing and enjoying it minutes later. Save some time and money and be your own barista. You will be amazed how you will love your own brew better. The package I received didn’t say Thunder Bolt on the front of the package like the product description picture, but it had a label glued to the back. I assume this is because I purchased the larger 2 pound bag of beans. The bag also had an expiration date posted a year from now. So fresh! I received this whole bean Koffee Kult coffee at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon

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