Rocked Abs Waist Training/Trimming Belt

The Rocked Abs waist trimmer/support belt is as described on the description page. The band is made of a wide neoprene fabric which makes it comfortable to wear. The waist trimmer belt is adjustable. It has a nice long, wide Velcro band. I love to wear the waist trimmer when I am doing chores around my house and yard. It just adds that extra support on my tummy and back while improving my posture. I learned this trick a few years ago after having some stomach surgery. The band could also be used during weight lifting. It fits so snug, unlike the leather belts. The product claims to promote increased heat to the mid section while wearing. I’m not expecting the miracle of losing inches from my mid section, even though that would be a bonus for me. I just like the extra support that I obtain when I wear it. I have not laundered it yet, but I will hand wash this and hang to air dry because of the elasticity. I received this waist trimmer/support Rocked Abs adjustable band at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon

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