Himalayan Salt Chunks in Wire Basket with Light and On/Off Switch


The Himalayan salt in the metal basket is as described on the description page. It came nicely packed in a box containing a large bag of the salt, the electrical light socket (with on/off switch, two light bulbs (one for later) and the wire display basket. I love the chunks of pink Himalayan salt. Himalayan salt is know to have a lot of natural elements and minerals. Himalayan salt is naturally a negative ion. We have positive ions in our air from all of our electronics that are located in our home. The negative ions neutralize the positive ions thus purifying the air in our home. They are a natural purifier for indoor air. Himalayan salts have been in the ground, under tectonic presser for millions of years. I hope this is true Himalayan salt and not some rock salt made to look like Himalayan salt. This is a beautiful addition to our home. It lights up so pretty during the day and becomes an amber glowing accent and night light in the evening. This is my second rock style Himalayan salt lamp. I have a decorative globe one too. I never turn off my basket light and the light continues to shine without ever being replaced. The light on my globe burns out frequently. I think the rock basket has more air circulation and the bulbs last longer in the basket style. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon

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