Adjustable All-In-One Measuring Volume and Weight Spoon


IMG_2298[1]The Be Mall Double Side Adjustable Tablespoon is as described on the description page. This specific measuring spoon is an all-in-one design that measures both volume and weight. Both ends pop off and on for washing. I just went online and used a chart to convert US Metric and Imperial measurement to the standard measurement that I am fond of. I am a retired Home Economics teacher. Years ago while I was in college our instructors told us that we would soon need to know metric measurements. This holds true for skilled chefs and culinary school students. I never converted, but I was getting tired of my old individual spoon measures all over the drawer and wanted a compact spoon. I just jotted down the information and wrote the measurements on the spoon for both my husband and myself. I feel like I’m instructing students again. I have THIS all figured out and diagramed. I am ready to do some awesome holiday baking. You do what must be done. Maybe I will actually learn the volume and weight measurement while using this. I received this at a discount for my review.

Available at Amazon

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