Tropical Heaven In Jar


The coconut body scrub by Pure Body Naturals is as described on the description page. I love the smell! I could smell it before I even opened the shipping box. I could smell it because it leaked out a little. It had bubble wrap, shrink wrap around the container and a seal plastic/paper on the container after opening the lid and it still leaked out a little. I rubbed off the oil that leaked onto my arms, then rinsed the jar with a degreasing liquid dishwashing soap so the container would be clean and not slippery. No harm. I love at home pamper days. Today I used the coconut scrub before I showered. Oh my, I felt like I was on vacation in the tropics. My skin feels marvelous, silky smooth and moisturized. The smell was another bonus for my spa morning because it’s snowing outside. This scrub would make a perfect present to anyone that likes to be pamper at home. I love how soft it made my old winter skin feel. Nice tiny exfoliating granules. I love that this coconut scrub smells awesome, doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients, it is 100% natural and that it contains 6 essential oils. It spreads easily ( I applied mine in the shower, walked around for a bit gathering my clothes, then showered as usual). This product didn’t leave any residue on the shower floor, as other product I have used in the past have. I love that this Coconut Body Scrub by Pure Body Naturals is made in the USA. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

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