Stainless Steel Brush Finished Wall Mounted Bottle Opener


The wall mountable bottle opener by RiLahy is as described on the description page. It is a wall mount bottle opener. How many times have you had a get together and someone brings a bottled container and you weren’t prepared and you catch them digging through your utensil drawer looking for a church key opener. I have and I don’t like dirty hands in my utensil drawer. No more worries with this wall mount opener. I haven’t permanently installed mine yet. We live on a lake and have tons of company. I don’t know if I should install it in my kitchen, outside near the deck or on the pontoon. This opener is very practical and looks cool. It is stainless steel so it will not rust, corrode or tarnish. It is a brush silver and comes with matching mounting screws. Great addition for any bottle drinker. I received this wall mounted bottle opener at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon

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