Pin and Bristle Brush by Go Pets


The Pin and Bristle Brush from Go Pets is as described on the description page. This double sided pet groomer has a soft brush on one side to knock down dirt and residue and the other side has pins that get down to the pets undercoat. I really love the size of this brush. It is nice and big. I also love that it has a soft handle for the me to grip as I am brushing my two dogs. I have two Jack Russell senior dogs. One is a short hair and the other is a wire hair and boy do we know it. We brush him often, but still must sweep daily to keep his crazy hair off the floor. This double sided brush is great for the wire hair dog to use both sides with him. I only really need to use the soft side bristles on my smooth coat pup. I love that this company gives 10% of their sales to animal charities. I also like that this brush has a lifetime guarantee. I received this pin and bristle double sided brush at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon

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