Keep An Eye On That Backseat Driver

The Adjustable Safety Car Backseat Baby Mirror by BexyRuz is as described on the product description page. The mirror and instructions came protected in a sturdy cardboard box. The mirror had a protective film over the reflective portion and was contained in a plastic bag within the box. I love this mirror for the babies to use as well as for their parents to easily see the baby when the car seat is rear facing. It fits nicely over the car’s headrest with the adjustable nylon straps. I love that the mirror has a 360 rotation. I love that it is shatterproof and I love the idea for baby to see themselves as well as the parents to be able to look in the rear view mirror and see the baby and their expressions without needing to turn their head around. Just a quick glance in the rear view mirror then eyes back on the road. As baby grows and is able to ride front facing, just attach the mirror on the headrest in front of them for their enjoyment and entertainment. Great gift for any new parent or grandparent. I personally think there should be one in every car where the members have little ones. I am putting this one in my adult son’s car for his new daughter arriving this spring. I received this automobile backseat baby mirror for free in exchange for my review.

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