Bullfight Sport Bluetooth Ear Buds

The Bullfight Sport Bluetooth Ear Buds by Mow are as described on the description page. The Ear buds, USB charger, instruction booklet and an extra set of ear pieces all came neatly packaged in a small box. I immediately charged mine with the USB to my computer so I would have full access to these Bullfight ear buds. You can also charge to a wall USB adapter if you have one. The Bullfight Sport Ear buds charge is suppose to last around 7 hours. It has been 3 days, not continuous use with mine. These were really easy to Bluetooth pair with my iPhone. Just a long press, until blue and red flash simultaneously then locate the name of the device Bullfight on my Bluetooth list from my iPhone. This pairing took seconds. You can pair two different devices so I chose to pair it to my iPad which I always have around me as well as my iPhone. Once paired you can do all sort of things once you learn the buttons on the main function keys which controls volume, changing tracks, answering phone calls, changing between phone calls and disconnecting phone calls. You also have the voice prompt telling you when you “power on, headset is connected” and many other things. Great sound and plays pretty loud. I can walk out of my office and down the hall before I start losing my signal. These fit GREAT and are now my favorite ear bud with the Mpow Magneto coming in a close second. I was provided this item for free to test in exchange for my honest review.

Available at Amazon


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