Accessory Package: Monopod selfie stick, handlebar mount and floatation device for the GoPro or other waterproof cameras


The 3 in 1 accessories package by Afunta is as described on the description page. It is a very compact accessory package. There is a float, bike handlebar attachment and monopod with a tripod mount but no actual tripod. I actually got this for my sister. She is very active with 2 active dogs. I thought she could use this when hiking and biking in the mountains of Colorado or while swimming in her back yard in Naples, Florida. She owns a GoPro camera and document all her fun activities. I have given her the mount that her dogs wear and it is so much fun to watch the world from their view. With this accessory pack she should be able to get fun video from her Mountain bike and from the pool. I know she will love this package and will get lots of use doing various active activities with her dogs and family. This accessories package is compatible with the GoPro cameras and also some digital cameras. I like all of the accessories. The selfie stick is hard to pull in and out and everything is a hard plastic with metal. The selfie stick and the float both have an attached lanyard. I received this accessory pack at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon


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