Voice Recording Ink Pen Saying BLAH Several Ways


The Blah Blah pens are a cute novelty pen to use as a joke for those people that are annoying you. There are a total of 3 Blah pens in the package. I am always looking for a pen so that comes in handy and the devise that talks is just fun to use. It makes me giggle. It says Blah in about 10 different hysterical ways. I made a video, so you are able to hear it on the posted video. You are able to take out the screw and replace the batteries when they go bad. It is fun to have and I know will bring a lot of attention where ever they are used. My husband has already taken one so he can take to work and have fun. Fun, fun, fun for everyone. He is starting to annoy me now with “his” pen because he constantly is using it. He has even called his friends and left voice messages. I wish you could save your favorite out of all of them to play but you can’t. These would make a fun gift for anyone of any age.I received these Blah Blah pens for free in exchange for my honest review.

Available at Amazon


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