USB Coidak Night Light With On/Off/Motion Auto Switch

This night light from Coidak is as described on the products description page. This light does not requires batteries, but requires a USB port. It has a USB port sticking out of it to charge, but it didn’t come with a plug. I had a USB plug and was able to charge it from the wall. We also have 2 tower computers that this can be charged from. It can be set on/off/auto. On auto mode the Coidak light senses motion. It also can be directed to illuminate in the up or down position. This is a nice little night light. It puts off quite a bit of light for such a little device. It only measure around one inch across. It is portable and can be moved to various rooms or locations as needed. I like the LED Coidak light, but I am deducting one star because it didn’t have a wall charger. Some people only have cell phones and no access to USB ports from tower computers or lap tops. If they had sent it with a wall USB port I would be thrilled. This would be a nice gift for a new baby or as a housewarming gift. I would also include a USB outlet too. I received this at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon

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