Portable Ultraviolet Flashlight


The Ultraviolet flashlight is as described on the product description page. I found that it works best in a dark room or at night. I have a Jack Russell dog that recently had to have surgery to remove her bladder stones. She had a few accidents before she was diagnosed with the bladder stones,so I knew where these spots were. I had cleaned them shortly after discovering them with a steam cleaner. There is no smell in the area and really no visible spot on the carpet in the hallway where I had cleaned prior. I think this one stain set in more because it occurred in the middle of the night and I just soaked up what I could and waited until morning to use the steam cleaner on it. When I used the ultraviolet light on this one particular previous stain, I could see exactly where she had urinated and the shape of the stain. I thought I had thoroughly cleaned. Now I will be able to clean it again, wait for it to dry and use the ultraviolet light to see if there is any residue. I used it on the other spot I had immediately steam cleaned and there wasn’t any visible spot detected with the ultraviolet light. This little flashlight takes 3 AAA batteries (not included). It shows all sorts of matter when illuminated on the fibers. Pretty awesome little portable urine detection light. This would be great for anyone with a cat or dog that might have accidents that you can smell, but can’t find. This portable little light doesn’t cover a big range of area, but if you think you know the vicinity, this light will confirm it. I received this at a discount for my review.

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