French Press

The French Coffee Press by VanKleef is as described on the description page. This French press pot holds enough to make up to about 1 cup of coffee. You could also get several espressos from this size pot. I choose to make ice coffee for my demonstration video. I like strong coffee and added ½ cup of coffee to a little over a cup of cold filtered water. I covered this and put in the refrigerator from around 8:00 pm until now which is about 3:00 pm the next day. That is a whopping 19 hour cold brew. This is super easy to use, has a tight fitting screen, filter and cross plate, leaving no coffee grounds behind. When making French press coffee the water, coffee ground and temperature are all important. It is also important to let the coffee steep for 3-4 minutes hot or at least 12 hours for cold brewed coffee. Coffee is as good as the water. I used filtered water from my refrigerator. If you water taste bad to begin with, so will your coffee. Great for any coffee lover. You can also prepare tea with this press. I received this one cup French Press by VanKleef free for my honest review.

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