15 hook for over-the-door storage

The heavy duty 15 hook over the door hook by Surpahs is as described on the description page. It arrived nicely boxed and didn’t require any assembly which I love. It was ready to go right out of the box. It fits tightly over the door with just a little bit of the silver latch showing. I placed mine in our small master bath. It is going to be great to hang my either my clothes that need laundered on the hooks or my clean clothes I am going to put on after the shower. There are so many hooks that it would be great to hang my robe or extra towels too. This over the door hook doesn’t rattle at all on the back of the door. It would be great for anyone needing extra hanging hooks anywhere in your home where you have a door. I absolutely love this extra storage 15 hook over the door hanger. Who doesn’t need extra storage for coats, hats, hoodies, towels, robes and other items. You could even hang belts, purses, necklaces and whatever you want on this awesome device. I might move this around a lot this weekend. I think it would be awesome in my husbands work room where he can hang his coveralls, coats and hats. I will be buying more of these convenient hooks. I received this for free in exchange for my review.

Available from Amazon



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