60 Colored Pencil Set by Colore


This Colored Pencil Set by Colore is as described on the description page. I had a problem with mine during shipment. The container opened and I had 60 pencils, a plastic case and a sharpener inside the shipping box. They’re suppose to come color coded from light to dark and it is suppose to have an eraser which mine wasn’t in the box. I love the quality of the pencils and I will sort them later. I love the sharpener and I really only am missing the eraser. This comes in a nice plastic storage/carrying case which actually snaps securely in place in 7 places. I guess I was just one of the unlucky people that had it open up during shipment. If that is my only problem in life, I am definitely a winner all around. Great pencils, already sharpened and a convenient storage/carrying case. Just be sure to snap the plastic together in the 7 places. This would make a wonderful gift for any level of artist. I absolutely love them. I received these at a discount for my honest review.

Available at Amazon


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