Ocarina Wind Flute


The Ocarina instrument is as describe on the description page. It came well padded and protected from breakage in a box containing the Ocarina, neck sting and a small book containing music. It is a beautiful instrument made of fired ceramic. Mine is dark purple in color with a high gloss glaze. This particular Ocarina is a 12 holed one. It is played with all 10 fingers lightly covering the Ocarina’s tone holes, while blowing through the built in mouthpiece. There are 12 tone holes to play the various notes. Ten are on top and two on the bottom. This one is ceramic so it resonates well. This is good for a beginner, but if you’re really are a serious experienced Ocarina player expect to spend a lot of money for a well pitched and tuned Ocarina. The Ocarina is a very unique instrument that dates back over 12,000 years. It is a vessel flute and the tongue is used to make each note more pronounced. This is a new instrument to me, so I won’t embarrass myself playing with an audience just yet. There are tons of You Tube videos explaining the instruments as well as step by step instructions if you really want to learn to play it well. I plan to practice a little everyday and become more knowledgeable about the Ocarina. I received this Ocarina at a discount for my honest review.

Available from Amazon


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