The A380 Air Bus by ToyZe-Movement, Lights and Sound

The A380 Air Bus by ToyZe is as described on the description page. This is a nice big airplane that has different colored lights and airplane sounds. This does require 3 AA batteries (not included). It is really loud. There is a cap on the front tires that prevent it from moving. Once you take off the cap be ready for some wheeling fun with the LOUD toy. It is suppose to stop, reverse and continue when it bumps into something. I just found delight watching and listening to it. I only have ceramic tile and carpet floor coverings in my home, so I didn’t get to video tape it really cutting loose. I think this would be great with linoleum, wood or concrete finished floors. It did a fast job on a wooden bench I have. It is a cool airplane with lights and sounds and I know my grandson is going to be trilled to play with it. I do believe it will drive his momma crazy. I am going to have my husband glue on the tail wings permanently before giving this as a birthday present for a 5 year old. It could become frustrating to a young child if the tail wings keep falling off. This airplane is fun to pretend it is flying. You just pick it up and zoom around the room. I know because I watched Grandpa pick it up, turn it on and do that. This A380 has lots of cut out windows and stickers. It is a very nice model or toy. I received this Air Bus by Toys at a discount for my honest review.

Available from Amazon


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