Fair Trade Premium Organic Ground Arabica Coffee by LifeBoost


The Premium Organic Ground Coffee by LifeBoost is as described on the description page. This coffee arrived in a silver resealable 12 ounce bag which was inside a burlap bag with a label attached around the top. This organic coffee is a medium roast Nicaragua fine ground coffee that is very dark in color. This coffee is certified Fair Trade which is set up so the coffee farmers get a fair and stable price for their coffee, which is better for human rights and for the environment. This coffee by LifeBoost is organic, grown in the shade, hand picked, washed in spring water and dried in the sun. It is also 100% Arabica beans and NOT mixed with any other filler coffee beans. It has a bold flavor. I love my coffee in the morning and after dinner. This coffee is good for any type of coffee maker. You could use it in a French press, pour over, Keurig, Drip maker or a percolator. If you love coffee and the positive fair trade practices, you should give this coffee a try. I received this Premium Organic Ground Coffee by LifeBoost at a discount for my honest review.

Available from Amazon


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