Mpow Bluetooth Aluminum Selfie Stick

IMG_2025[1]The Mpow iSnap X2 is as described on the product description page. It comes in a small box containing a USB charger and the Mpow aluminum selfie stick. The box is also where the directions are written. Who needs directions after you understand the blue light? Who doesn’t like a selfie? People of all ages love to take selfies. This iSnap X2 is great for taking group shots too. This Mpow iSnap conveniently came with a lanyard already attached. It was easy to Bluetooth pair with my iPhone 6. It just took a second to pair them. This is very user friendly to use once paired. The aluminum telescopic selfie stick has 5 expansions from the handle to the phone cradle. Each expansion is 4 inches long. With the handle and all five expansions opened it measures almost 26” from handle to cradle. The phone cradle is tight and has a 270 degree rotation making it flat for storage. The handle has a textured grip and is made of a neoprene foam material. This easily fits in your pocket, backpack or purse. Great item to take to weddings, graduations, celebrations, amusement parks, walks, picnics or any outings, This Mpow selfie stick is very user friendly, lightweight, durable and portable. This would make a wonderful gift for anyone of any age. I was provided this item for free to test in exchange for my honest review.

Available from Amazon or Mpow


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