BazooK-9 Dog Ball Launcher

The BazooK-9 Dog Ball Launcher by Oxgord is as described on the description page. It is a really cool launcher that will be fun for the whole family and of course the dog. This baby can launch a ball 75 feet. I love that you can pick the “mouthed” ball with the end of the launcher and never have to touch it. I had a little bit of trouble pulling back on the device that enable the trigger to be pulled. Not a big deal because I have trouble opening up a jar of pickles. It was easier for me to hold the launcher between my feet to do it. I got this for my Grandson for his birthday. I know they whole family will have lots of fun with this launcher. I have warned my Son that it is for outside use only. I love that it came with 2 squeaky balls. This also launches tennis balls. I also really like the name to include our K-9 pups. It comes with a carrying strap for carrying. I received this BazooK-9 Dog Launcher at a discount for my honest review.



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