Silicone Spoon Rest by Smart Chef

IMG_1915[1]IMG_1914[1]The Silicone Spoon Rest Set by Smart Chef is as described on the description page. You get 2 great silicone spoon rest. I ordered the red ones and they look awesome on my black stovetop. I really like the idea of having this easy to rinse off or put in the dishwasher rest for whatever utensil you are using. I always used a saucer from my cabinet and I know people that use paper towels for resting their tasting or stirring spoon. I love these. I taught High School Home Economics for years and would have loved to have several of these for all of my kitchens at school. They have a handy hole in the top so you can hang them when not in use. I love that it came in a set of two so you have a spare handy next time you cook if the other is in the dishwasher awaiting a wash cycle. I really like these and had company over for dinner last night. My daughter-In-Law commented on how cool they were. That is where I learned she uses paper towel for her rest. I cook several time a day and usually in big batches and these spoon rest are going to get used often. I love that they can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is good to know in case it touches one of my cast iron skillets or woks. This set would make a great housewarming, shower or wedding gift either by itself or nestled inside a lovely kitchen basket with other needed cooking and baking supplies. Available from Amazon


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