Homasy Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier/Diffuser


The Mini Ultrasonic Humidifier by Homasy is as described on the products description page. It came nicely boxed with the humidifier, brush and electrical adapter. I was a bit surprised to find that this has the same type of tank cap as our huge house humidifier. There is one control button. Push it once and both the humidifier and light are on, push twice and the humidifier stays on but the light turns off and push a third time and the unit turns off. There is some minor daily as well as weekly maintenance. No big deal, but it should be followed to assure the unit runs as expected. You may add essential oil or medicated oil to this diffuser/humidifier as you see fit. This is very user friendly and it would be a wonderful nightlight humidifier in a baby or child’s room. The light remains a constant light blue. I love how easy and light touch the control button is on this. I also love how easy it is to turn the moisture outlet to direct the moisture and vapor exactly where you want it. This is my FAVORITE diffuser/humidifier of all my diffusers. I LOVE that it holds a ton (800ml) of water and has a very powerful mist for 10 hours. It is like a mini humidifier adding needed moisture and scent to my bedroom. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it !!! I was provided a free sample of the Homasy mini ultrasonic humidifier with night light for testing and review and was asked to give my honest review. AVAILABLE on Amazon: Search Keyword-Homasy Mini Ultrasonic Humidifer


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